Phnom Penh

killing fields bracelets

Checking out of our hostel and checking in to the minivan that would pick us up right in front of our hostel. Easy as that on a Saturday. Normally a ride to Phnom Penh takes 6 hours, but our driver thought he was a reincarnation of Ayrton Senna, and the trip only took us 4.5 […]

Siem Reap

Tuesday we checked out of Bangkok. We made an online reservation for two spots on a bus to Siem Reap. At 8 am the bus would leave at the big bus terminal in Bangkok. At 6.30 am we took a taxi from our hostel to the terminal. After a 40-minute ride and some laughter with […]



Thursday morning we arrived in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. After a flight over Moskou with the Russian airline Aeroflot, at 8.30 am we finally hit ground. Passport check went well and also our luggage was present on the conveyor belt. So far so good…